Want to save money and energy? Install a Variable Frequency Drive Controller!

Have you considered using a Variable Frequency Drive? Many electric motor applications can be improved by using VFD.
Important Safety Note: Not all electric motors can be used with a VFD. Before using your motor with a variable frequency drive please check that it is rated ,by the manufacturer, for inverter duty. The inverter duty certification means the motor can be safely used with a VFD. The motor’s manufacturer will also let you know how much the speed of the motor can be varied in either variable torque applications (i.e. fans, blowers, centrifugal pump, etc.) or constant torque applications (i.e. conveyors, extruders, crushers, etc.).

Here are the top three benefits of using a VFD.

1) You can vary the speed that the motor rotates.

Most inverter duty motors can have their speed reduced by as much as 1/20th of the rated speed, in variable torque application. For example, if your motor is rated to spin at 1,800 rpm, you could slow it down to just 90 rpm using a VFD. (The range of possible speed reduction is narrower with constant torque loads). VFD’s accomplish this speed change by modifying the frequency of the electrical current being supplied to the motor. This manipulation of the AC sine wave eliminates the need for mechanical speed reduction methods, such as a gear reducer, in many applications.

2) Speed reduction saves energy and wear and tear on the motor.

You may not always need or want to run you motor at its rated speed. Picture a typical house fan. You don’t always run it on its highest setting. Often you want less airflow so you slow the motor to reduce the fan speed. When you use a VFD to lower the motor’s rpm, the motor uses less energy which saves money. Running the motor at a slower speed also reduces wear on the bearings and other internal components in the motor. Less wear means fewer repairs and a longer operating life. That saves money too

3) Reduced noise and vibration.

When you slow the speed of the motor to match your application’s requirements, you reduce vibration and noise. Vibration negatively affects the motor and everything else subjected to that shaking. A well-balanced motor and attached load should have very little vibration even when running at rated speed. However, slowing the motor down to the lowest speed acceptable in your application will further reduce vibrations. Less shaking means less wear and that saves money.

In a similar fashion, running the motor at a slower speed also reduces noise and who doesn’t prefer a quieter environment?

  • Here are some additional benefits to using a VFD.
  • Reduction in power line disturbance during motor start-up
  • Controls the rate of the motor’s acceleration during starting and stopping.
  • Easily and quickly reverse the direction of the motor’s rotation
  • As you can see there is a lot to like about variable frequency drives.

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