Pulleys & Bushings

Mimco's pulleys and bushings are precision components made from carefully selected materials.

Mimco offers a wide variety of made-to-order pulleys and bushings that are fully interchangeable with other manufacturer's parts.

Superior quality, reliability, durability and competitive pricing make Mimco's pulleys and bushings the best value on the market.

Types of Pulleys and Bushings Available​ from Mimco:

Fixed Pitch Pulleys
AK Type BK Type
2AK Type 2BK Type
AKH Type 3BK Type
TA Type BKH Type
AL Type TB Type
AS Type B Type
3V Type TC Type
5V Type Ploy-V Type
8V Type Weld on Split Type
Variable Pitch Pulleys
VL Type
1VP Type
2VP Type

Taper Lock Type
Split Taper Type
QD Type
XT Type