Mimco has partnered with one of the leading suppliers of chain in North America, to bring our customers the best chain value on the market.

Our chain factories, offer high quality, reliable chain at very competitive prices. We carry a wide variety of chain, many types of which are in stock in the US for quick delivery to your location.

Our roller chain is known for its durability, efficiency, versatility, precision and reliability.


All our world class roller chain is:

Carefully selected from optimal materials

Heat treated to achieve ideal hardness

Shot peened to increase fatigue resistance

Pre-stressed to minimize initial elongation

Superior in fatigue strength

Suitable for high horsepower ratings

Manufactured to achieve greater impact resistance


Following is a list of many of the chains available from Mimco:

ASME/ANSI Single Strand Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Double Strand Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Triple Strand Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Heavy Series Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Drive Type Extended Pitch Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Conveyor Type Extended Pitch Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Stainless Steel Roller Chain
ASME/ANSI Nickel Plated Roller Chain
British Standard Roller Chain
Non-Standard Roller Chain
81X Conveyor Chain
Welded Steel Chain
ASME/ANSI Rollerless Chain
Combination Chain
Caterpillar Chain
Drop Forged Rivetless Chain
BL Series Leaf Chain
Implement Roller Chain
C2060H with D5 Attachments
Hollow Pin Chain
Side Bow Chain
O -Ring Chain
Self Lubricating Chain
Side-Roller Chain
Free Flow Chain
Standard Attachment Chain