The Benefits of Variable Frequency Drive Controllers | Mimco Equipment

Want to save money and energy? Install a Variable Frequency Drive Controller! Have you considered using a Variable Frequency Drive? Many electric motor applications can be improved by using VFD.Important Safety Note: Not all electric motors can be used with a VFD. Before using your motor with a variable frequency drive please check that it […]

Mimco Equipment is pleased to announce TECO Westinghouse’s new line of washdown motors

Mimco is pleased to announce the launch of TECO’s new line of washdown motors. The company’s new product features stainless steel construction and has earned full certification by the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC). Washdown motorsRegular high-pressure liquid cleaning is required in food processing, pharmaceutical and other applications. It is imperative to keep water […]

PMAC Motor, Efficiency: The PMAC Motor

In this blog post, we will discuss Permanent Magnet Motors referred to as PMAC motors. This type of electric motor is designed to be more efficient than its cousin the AC induction motor. They boast a perfect power factor at any speed range! PMAC motors have many other features that make it a great choice for a […]

Explosion-proof motors

Explosion-proof motors are designed to handle hazardous conditions and reduce the risk of fire or explosion. But not all explosion-proof electric motors can handle flammable matter in the same capacity, and just because a motor operates in a hazardous location doesn’t mean it is also explosion-proof. In this blog post, we will discuss what types […]

240 VS. 208 VOLTS- What’s The Difference?

There was a commercial client who converted their building’s electrical services from 240 volts 3-wire to 208Y/120 volts 4-wire. They checked the nameplates on their HVAC system’s motors and saw that they were rated for “208- 230” or “208/230” volts. So they assumed that they would have nothing to worry about. Soon after their power conversion […]