240 VS. 208 VOLTS- What’s The Difference?

There was a commercial client who converted their building’s electrical services from 240 volts 3-wire to 208Y/120 volts 4-wire. They checked the nameplates on their HVAC system’s motors and saw that they were rated for “208- 230” or “208/230” volts. So they assumed that they would have nothing to worry about. Soon after their power conversion […]

Shaft Grounding Devices

Shaft grounding devices Shaft grounding devices minimize shaft voltage and prevent current damage. Research has shown shaftvoltage can happen due to leakage, induction, or frictional buildup in other parts of anelectrical system. Shaft groundings stop the energy from causing harm to vulnerablemotor parts. Motors that are operated with variable frequency drive (VFD) are more susceptible […]